Posted by: thailandhere2u | March 31, 2009

Culture Awareness


Due to a strict tradition and culture, Thailand has a plenty of prohibition. This is what you should follow and be aware of.

Please Respect our His Majesty the King and his royal family.
(Whatever you say and act to underestimate them is against the law – this is serious)
Even in a theater, we need to stand up and pay respect to HM King before the movie starts.

Thais believe that feet is a low position of a body and dirty so DON’T point your feet to anything sanctity

Kissing,Making out, Dirty Talk is unaccepted in Thailand. Please don’t do it in Public.

Be aware of those taxi drivers and tuk tuk drivers who first walk to you and offer a better price to get a ride. Just say refuse their deals because they want to RIP you OFF.

If you happen to visit Thai’s house, please notice to take your shoes off before enter to the house. We do the same thing at the temple too.

Before entering a Buddhist temple, hats and shoes must be removed.

It is acceptable for  men to touch a monk, or hand things to a monk, but women are not permitted to do so.  Women should never hand a monk an object directly.  The object should be given to a man to hand to the monk.

Be aware of your belongings all the time.

Touching a Buddha is perceived as a sign of disrespect.
Never touch anyone on the head, particularly children.